Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sewing for Fall/Halloween

I'm so ready for fall weather to be here! So I thought maybe sewing up some Halloween-inspired designs might help me to cool off. The first three are Kimberbell designs. The top one "Too Faboolous" is a pillow about 16" x 13", from her book "Oh the Possibilities...For Halloween." The green glittery spider is from JoAnns.

 I'm saving this design here just because I think I should make this one too!

This square table-topper is about 23" square. It's ready for me to do some quilting. The border fabric is something I've had for years, and it's one of my all-time favorite Halloween designs.

This mini quilt is 15" x 17". It's made with 2 of the little mini charm packs (they measure 2.5" square). It will go on my coffee table, with perhaps an orange pumpkin.

The Kimberbell bench pillow is about half quilted. When the quilting is finished, I'll add some black buttons to the center of the two candy-corn flowers, and add the rick rack leaves to the big flower on the right. 

What have you been working on?

Mary in VA

Sunday, July 10, 2016

June Kindred Spirits Meeting

I've managed to fall behind with my Kindred Spirit posts, so I will attempt to get caught up this week. We had a great show-n-tell in June for our meeting, and I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The photo above is Celestia's row-by-row "Strawberries" done in purple 30s fabrics, and the next row called "pinwheels". Our new project will be a 2-month quilt called "Two Way Street." I've laid my rows out on the green fabric that will be the borders. (My quilt will measure about 16 x 18 inches) Anne super-sized her blocks and made them out of multiple blue fabrics. I love it, Anne! Nice job!

Tammy made a special quilt for a special co-worker who is retiring. She loves to can her garden produce, so Tammy's choice is wonderfully appropriate. I feel very strongly about signing our quilts, so wanted you to see her label on the back. Easy to do, yet it documents the who, the why and the when. Simply use a pen that is safe for fabrics, and include the information on a label on the back of your quilt.

Fannie showed off a beautiful pillow she made using French General fabrics. Nice job, Fannie.

A double 4-patch in red fabrics made by Pat, a great flag quilt made by Charlotte, Pat, is that your sheep? I can't remember! And I'm sorry, I didn't write down who made the landscape quilt....let me know please!

And last but not least, one of my favorite quilt patterns, ever! I was going to pass this pattern onto someone because I thought I'd never get to it, so Pam took it on as a project, and I just love what she did with it. I have put it back onto my "must do someday" list. Great job, Pam!

Thanks for stopping by, and till next time, keep stitchin!
Mary in VA

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kindred Spirits--May 2016

Here's what happened at our May Kindred Spirits meeting.

We had a Split Decision (top) made into a table runner, 
and a Split Decision who didn't want to be split (Charlotte)! 
Followed by a Chasing Friends upsized by Tammy.

We have some Orange Peel rows coming together. Charlotte's has puppy paws fabric, and Celestia's is made of all purple 30's fabrics. Great job, ladies!
Our next row will be a row of Posies. They will alternate a strip of fabric either above the posie or below it. So cute!

Pam's double 4-patch is made with lots of polka dots 
and the cutest flip-flops for the borders.

Miscellaneous projects include the old favorite, Spools. 

Chera brought a commissioned quilt she made out of some ties (above),
and she showed her exquisite hexi quilt, below. Fabulous job, Chera!

And here are some walker bags I made for my 96-year old mom. 
I'm so proud of her! She's doing great, and her walker bags are excellent conversation starters at her retirement home. The top one is made with 
Bingo card fabric, The middle one has pink flamingos (she lives in Florida) 
and the bottom one has Lorelei's nurses. (Mom is a retired nurse.) I was
able to spend Mother's Day with her and my Florida family.

Here's the EQ drawing of our Double 4-Patch.
This quilt is designed to be made with charm packs or mini charm packs.

I hope you enjoyed the show!
Till next time, keep stitchin.
Mary in VA