Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Quilters

I've been invited to join a group of friends that sew together twice a month. We meet on a Tuesday afternoon/evening and a Saturday. The Saturday location is at a church that has 2 very nice rooms we can use. One room is on the 2nd floor and accommodates about 10 sewers. The other room is on the first floor and can accommodate 20! It has huge floor to ceiling windows, with light yellow walls and white trim on the windows. It is a wonderful place to sew!

I love the bags that my friends use to tote their supplies and creative!

And of course, they are working on some fun projects:

I worked on my fall Thimbleberries project--Twin Peaks. I decided to make mine about the same size as the spring and summer project--56 inches square. My friend Pam decided to make her project half the size of the original, so she gave me her extra fabric! Aren't quilters the neatest, sharing people?

I added two borders to it this morning, and realized I have a border on wrong...groan. This is what happens when I sew when I'm not feeling well. I have come down with a bad cold, which my generous hubby had first and decided to share with me. So I'm taking a break, downloading photos, blogging, and have my seam ripper at the ready.  

Another cup of tea and I'll be ready to let 'er rip!

Keep stitchin!


  1. Mary,

    Twin Peaks is coming along beautifully! I understand your frustration on the border. I have my Pottery Shards together and ready to quilt but being careful and leaving it on the design board for a day or 2 to make sure everything is going the right way!

  2. And didn't we have a good time Saturday!?! I love the pictures of friends and laughter!