Monday, June 3, 2013

The Wayward Girls

The Wayward Girls had a get-together this past Saturday, and honestly, it was certainly an interesting day. Once in awhile we sew-ers have an off-day, when the fingers and the fabric just don't want to cooperate. But how rare is it when it happens to all 3 of us on the same day! We got started about 9:30 in the morning, and by 12 noon when we stopped for a lunch break, we didn't have too much to show for ourselves. I had managed to assemble three 3 inch friendship pinwheel blocks. Pam had made a bazillion half square triangles for her Union Star quilt, and Carol had spent her morning fixing some of the corners of her Thimbleberries Pine Tree quilt.

I mean, really, isn't that an exciting photo (above)?

By the end of the day, Carol's repair looked like this (above).

Can you spot the way the corners are set in the "before" photo above? Sometimes you just don't notice your mistake until it gets on the design wall, or when you view it as a photo. Carol gets a gold star for perseverance!

And by the end of the day, Pam had managed to assemble 2 Union Star blocks. She is trying to put her collection of homespuns into a quilt so she can make space for some new fabric! If you've ever sewn with homespuns you know they can be uncooperative. They are more loosely woven and like to stretch. Good job, Pam, you get a gold star for perseverance, too!

The little Thimbleberries quilt "Glory Be" (completed it measures about 15 x 17) above is what I had hoped to have by the end of my day. But my new machine was not cooperating, and I spent about 2 hours tinkering with the bobbin. After rethreading the top thread and bottom thread about 4 times, totally changing the thread I was using, changing the needle again (I had cleaned the bobbin case and put in a new needle Friday evening, looking forward to a full day of sewing progress....ha!), and playing with the tension, my machine finally decided to cooperate. And I managed to get this much finished:

Really, a full Saturday and I had 6 little 3-inch friendship stars, and that wonderful little stars and stripes flag to the point above. When I realized what I had done with the red stripes...yes, I sewed the bottom part on upside down, I decided to throw in the towel. Pam and Carol had already frittered away several hours playing Candy Crush on their phones, and I was going to join them, but couldn't find a Candy Crush app for my Nook. So I played some (more) solitaire. When I can face that uncooperative little flag, I'll go fix it!

We had a fun lunch at Cracker Barrell. It's always fun poking around to see what trinkets they have for sale. Then we headed over to Hobby Lobby and fondled the yarn. Which reminds me, one of my favorite blogs is Patter Cross at . If you are into crochet, just search for her crochet posts. She is making an afghan for each of her triplet daughters. She is using a Vera Bradley bag for her color inspiration, which I think is one fabulous idea. Makes me what to go shopping for some Vera for myself! She has a wonderful blue and yellow pattern that I have been coveting.

And for dinner, we really broke out of the mold and headed over to Bonefish. Do they have one near you? They are known for their Bang-Bang Shrimp (which I had never tried before!) and their wonderful fish. It was a fabulous meal, but I caution you to bring a bulky warm fall sweater with you (it was 90 degrees here Saturday, and 65 in the restaurant!).

I'm looking forward to our Sewing Circle this Saturday. All my lesson handouts are finished, so I might have time to finish up some sewing projects before Saturday! I hope you have some time to sew this week, and I hope your machine and your fabrics cooperate with you! Till next time, keep stitchin!


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  1. It looks like a great day to me. Any progress is good! And sewing with friends is the best!