Friday, February 17, 2017

Kindred Spirits Quilt Group

Our Kindred Spirits group met at Stitch by Stitch Quilt Shop Saturday, Feb. 11. Our first project of the year was a very simple, little table topper. Finished it will measure about 7 x 16 inches. The blue one below is the one I made for our teaching sample. 

This project is called "The Disappearing Four-Patch Runner." Anne Wright shows the one she made up in red, below.

Celestia is our purple-loving girl, and how special are these two cuties that she made? I love that she bound them in purple also.

Tammy's little project is in red and white also. Very fun, Tammy!

My favorite is the one Charlotte made. Don't overlook the cute little hearts that dangle from the bottom binding! Such a darling little project, and just in time for her Valentine decor.

This project was our first of the year in Kathy Tracy's new book, Small and Scrappy. The project appears on page 42. The book is published by Martingale, and Kathy is one of favorite quilt designers. You can also follow her blog at and her facebook page, Kathleen Tracy's small quilt lovers. She frequently posts free patterns. We are also doing a small sampler quilt this year....see the files section of her facebook page.

Till next time, keep stitchin, friends!
Mary in Virginia


  1. Always fun to see variations people come up with from the same pattern.
    I love how small they are, and I am a purple loving girl, too.
    The one with the dangling hearts is really cute.

  2. They are all adorable. I love the one with the hearts.