Saturday, January 19, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking

I have been playing around with Photoshop Elements and some new digital scrapbooking papers. My mom will be celebrating her 93rd birthday this March, and I want to make her a "It's a Wonderful Life!" photo album. The last time she visited, she brought several of her photo albums with her and hubby and I have been scanning some of the photos.  The picture above is from 1920, mom is just a few months old. That's my Uncle Jack as a little boy, and my grandmother in the photo.

One of my favorite websites is, which is where the 1920 page came from. I added the center poster of Woodrow's wonderful what you can find out there in Google Image land! The amethyst flowers and bow are from the Heritage Amethyst digital collection. 1920 was the year women were given the right to vote! I can't imagine fighting for that right, how could anyone think it would be wrong for women to vote?!! It's amazing all the change my mom was witnessed in her life.

Above--my mom at 3 years old with her new doll. When I called her to talk about the photo, she even remembered the doll's name was Susie!

Above and below, 2 more favorite photos of mom. That's 1934 with the bobbed hairdo, and 1937 in the prom dress. And when I described this photo with her in "a long aqua dress" she remembered her date's name was Ritchie Tilton! And no, Ritchie Tilton is not my dad. My mom remembered the name of the boy who took her to her junior prom 75 years ago! That just amazes me ;-)

Mom and Dad's wedding photo, August 25, 1945. Don't you love the train on her dress?! Do brides even wear those anymore?
I'm about 1/3 of the way through this project. It's really fun once you get the knack of cropping your photos and manipulating Photoshop Elements. I also plan to put a 4 generation family tree in the front of the book. The scrapbook will be 8 x 8 inches; the book is lavender--her favorite color. I'm really enjoying making this gift for her special birthday.
By the way, I think my pop up blocker was turned on, which is why I couldn't upload photos. In the meantime, I've discovered Picassa, a great place to store photos. Hopefully, all is well in blogland once again.
Till next time, keep stitchin' and scrappin'

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