Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Women

I have to finish posting the photos from our Little Women group that met on April 14. But first, a funny pet photo....

So what do you do when you deep six the big box tv in favor of a bigger flat screen...and you leave this big gaping hole above your fireplace mantel? Well, you could turn it into a kitty hide-away! Guess I need to make Dusty a cushy pillow if I expect him to keep using this space ;-)

Okay, as promised...quilt photos...
1) Half Square Triangle Challenge
2) From the latest Fons and Porter Magazine
3) From Moda Bake Shop--Vintage 1860's

4) Point of View

5) Emma Ann

6) Lizzie's Little Quilt

7) Pam's take on Courthouse Steps
8) Half Square Triangle Challenge
9) Point of View
Most of these quilts are from Jo Morton's Group 10, except where inidicated. Our ladies were really good at finishing projects this past month. I have another 10 photos to post, so come back for more.

Until then, keep stitchin'

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  1. I so enjoyed your parade of little quilts. All of them are outstanding.