Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rudy Day April 2012

I saw Santa today! I was sitting at the doctor's office in front of a roaring fireplace (it's 59 degrees here today in Richmond, Virginia), reading my December 2011 copy of Christmas Cottage, waiting for hubby, when in walks Santa! He was wearing dark denim blue jeans, a light denim t-shirt and had that unmistakable white/gray long hair and beautiful full white beard! And of course, I did not have my camera with me, or I would have asked him to come sit on the hearth, hold my magazine, and let me snap a photo! The hubs says, never mind, we'll go pose the photo and he'll play with Photoshop and come up with a similar facsimile!

You'll be relieved to know Santa is not sick, because he wasn't there long enough to see a doctor.

Then we went to breakfast and in the parking lot of the IHOP was a trailer with several large for-sale cast aluminum figurines--including a REINDEER! How do you like that! A Santa sighting and a reindeer sighting all in the same day (and NO camera...grrrrr)!

We stopped at the grocery store to buy some beautiful red delicious apples, and a pineapple so I could make my Williamsburg apple cone. These are the pieces you need to assemble the cone:  A pineapple (real or faux--mine is real), apples--nice shiney red ones, magnolia leaves (mine are faux), greenery for filler (I used pine needles from my backyard, but boxweed is the traditional choice), and a wood apple cone form. I purchased my wood form eons ago from http://www.williamsburgmarketplace.com/.

And, here is the finished product: 

Come back tomorrow for more of Rudy Day, on the actual day it's celebrated! We celebrate Rudy Day on the 25th of each month. Now go check out http://www.magicalholidayhome.com/ and join in the fun! The theme for April Rudy Day is "Christmas Dishes" so tomorrow I'll be posting some table settings for you to see.

Till next time, keep stitchin'

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