Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Civil War Sewing Circle

Our Jo Morton group is changing it up this year and working through Kathleen Tracy's book "The Civil War Sewing Circle." Our January project was the "Scrap Squares Doll Quilt" on page 24, it measures 17 x 22 inches.

Our February project was the "Shoo Fly Doll Quilt" on page 18. It measures 22 x 27 inches. My camera batteries died and so I only have these 2 photos. Boy I hate when that happens!

Our March project is the "T is for Temperence Quilt" on page 70. It measures 19 x 19 inches. I was out of town that day and only have these 2 samples to show you. Carol made the pink and blue one and I made the red one. The red fabrics are from Jo Morton...that border fabric is one of my favorites.

This morning I finished sewing the top together for our April project "Civil War Scrap Dolls Quilt" on page 36. It measures 17 x 22 inches. I had a packet of Judie Rothermel Cocheco Mills fabrics that I used for this one. Love the blues and browns together. If you have never set a diagonal quilt together, this is a great one to begin with because it's so small.

Also in April is our signature block challenge. We decided to make our own blocks and bring them in for our friends to sign them. Then we'll put them in a quilt top and bring it back in December for part 2 of the challenge. The signature block is part of the "Friendship Album Quilt" on page 43. These blocks measure 6.5 inches unfinished. Aren't they wonderful?

I'm going to ask the members to bring their February and March quilts to the April meeting, so hopefully I will have more photos to show you in a bit.

Hmmm...tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day...I should be making a green and white quilt! How about you...what have you been sewing?

Till next time, keep stitchin!

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  1. Great quilts and photos. Civil War Sewing Circle is one of my favorite books. Thank you for sharing your groups quilts, I enjoy seeing seeing the different variations, so nice.