Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Wayward Girls

This photo is my 1st Edition Merry Mayhem (January 1, 2012) mystery quilt. It's a lap-sized quilt with little camping motifs on it, that will be a Christmas gift for my grandson. I've been wanting to make lap quilts for my two grandchildren to use when they go camping in their pop-up camper. They're supposed to be Christmas gifts--let's see if I can wait that long to give them to the kids!

The Wayward Girls had another sewing day Saturday, and as usual we had a great time. Our lunch tradition at Mexico restaurant was especially fun since it was Cinco de Mayo. Pam and I worked on our 2nd Merry Mayhem mystery quilt. And Carol worked on the fall Thimbleberries table runner. As the teacher of that group, she has to work far ahead of the rest of us! Here's Carol at work:

And here is the center section of Carol's "Twin Peaks" Thimblerries project.

And this is a picture of what it will look like when finished.

Pam is hard at work on her Merry Mayhem, 2nd edition. It's made using fabrics from Kansas Troubles. It will be a Christmas lap quilt that she'll put out on her sofa. The colors are so rich and warm, don't you think! By the way, do visit Pam's blog at

And here I am working on my Merry Mayhem, 2nd edition. This will be a quilt for my soon-to-be 7 yr. old granddaughter. Pink is her favorite color and I thought the pink would work for the inner border. But I'm afraid there wouldn't be enough contrast with the outer border, so I'm going to the quilt shop to buy more of the teal fabric. The fabric line is "Fanciful Flight" from Hoffman.

And here are the two Merry Mayhem quilts side by side.
As always, we had a great sewing day, and we look forward to getting together again in another month or so. Today I'm working on a Jo Morton quilt "Yankee Doodle." Come back tomorrow and I'll have a sneak peek  of my design wall to show you.

Till then, keep stitchin'


  1. So neat to see Merry Mayhem in different colorways and how different they all look! Looks like you all had a very nice and productive sewing day!

  2. Saturday was so much fun! I really enjoyed it. You are Carol are a hoot and I always look forward to the next time we get together.