Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Women - August

We had our Little Women Spool Challenge Quilts unveiled at our Little Women meeting today, and as usual it was a really fun contest. Charlotte Barnes took "Best Non-Quilt" with her very unique Roman Shade. Yes, the spool blocks are there on the sides, I see I didn't really do her project justice in this photo. And I see that I didn't even get a pix of her adorable shade pull that was made out of several spools. Great work, Charlotte!

Pam's entry included her spool blocks and some 4 inch cakestand blocks that she swapped with the online Jo Morton Yahoo group. She machine quilted it and made a label listing who made the blocks and where they are from. Great job, Pam!

Becky Wright is one very talented lady, she won "Best in Show" with her darling quilt with the four sewing theme cornerstones. I wish I had taken a closeup of the embroidery and the wording. What a darling quilt, Becky, you did a great job!

Anne Wright's quilt has the shop name on it...very cute! Anne won the prize for "Most Creative." Don't you love her center spool block?! The lettering was done with a very thick thread. Good job, Anne!

Lori Kepley was not in our group last year, so she had to make her own spool blocks. The house tree, and flower are wool. We love your spool quilt, Lori...very nicely done.

Pam Leonard is new to our group, having just moved from Washington state. She and Lori are friends and worked on their projects together. Her house, flower and tree are wool also. Welcome, Pam, to our Little Women group, great job!

Celeste got her blocks together...good job, Celeste, we are looking forward to seeing your quilt finished. Borders or no borders? We shall have to wait and see!

This is my entry...I won "Most Likely to Succeed" because as you can guess, it is not quilted and bound. The outer blue border is made with Jo's "ladies" fabric. I wonder if anyone caught the symbolism of that? I love a good strippy quilt!

Even our refreshments carried out the theme. Celestia made us a wonderful German Chocolate cake, decorated with a spool of thread. Celestia is a wonderful baker, and the cake was absolutely yummy.

Thanks also to Linda and Lori for the fabulous refreshements--everyone wants that chicken salad recipe! And I need to give a special thank you to Pam Sharpe, who took charge of organizing the spool challenge, donating some of the prizes, and printing the number tags and the voting ballots. Thank you, Pam, I appreciate you assisting with this event. Your friendship means a lot to me!

I'll post more photos of our regular show and tell tomorrow. And until then, keep stitchin!


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  1. We had fun and good participation with this challenge! It was fun! Thank you for your leadership and inspiration.