Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sewing Room Reveal

Hubby and I have been working hard in my sewing space, and I honestly cannot wait until the entire project is done to show you our progress. Here is the first area we worked on--my shelving unit/display space. I'll give you the "before" pictures first!

So, as you can see above, it's very messy with stuff overflowing onto the floor space nearby. I also use my sewing space for scrapbooking, and it's very easy to collect too much "stuff" in proportion to my storage space. I suspect I'm not alone with that problem!

I started after dinner on Friday by emptying the shelves, and then hubby dismantled them. He's using two of the units in his office space, and the third unit is going in our guest bedroom to hold some of my sewing overflow.

Here's Les working on the new Ikea Expedit unit. He only needed a rubber mallet and power screwdriver. Two of the boxes were light enough that we carried them upstairs unopened. We opened the other two boxes in the garage and I brought the divider pieces upstairs while he assembled the unit.

We actually bought the Expedit unit in December, and bought the white storage boxes for the bottom row then also (see photo below). I have quilting magazines in the six magazine holders. I keep American Patchwork and Quilting, Scrap Quilting magazines, Fons and Porter and McCalls Quilting for about 3 years. Then I go through them and clip out and keep the plans for only the quilts I really am interested in making "some day."

Woot! woot! It's altogehter! This was soooo fun to decide what I wanted to put in the storage unit. I started with the top of the unit...4 of my favorite mini quilts, my wonderful Madeira thread box, 3 of my favorite tins, and a Longaberger sewing basket.

Here's a better picutre of the top shelves (above) and the bottom shelves (below). I am wrapping some of my larger pieces of Jo Morton fabric (see the two units on the far right) on comic book boards. I do enjoy the colorful fabrics on display.

More fabric, books and magazines. The pink boxes hold my card making supplies and finished cards. My room is above our 2-car garage and measures about 17 feet x 17 feet. We originally used the room for our media held both of our computers, and our large screen tv, and a huge "media-room couch." I sewed in a 10x11 foot bedroom, and it just wasn't working for me! So we agreed to move our tv viewing into the living room--which we rarely used. We moved out the big screen tv, the huge couch, and his computer desk. And the space became all mine! I know I am really spoiled, and I so love this space. I can spend the entire day in it and be happy as a clam.

One final look at my new Ikea shelving unit. I just love it! By the way, if you're an Ikea fan, have you discovered ? You can find all kinds of interesting things on that website. Projects that people have made with Ikea products and adapted or changed are featured with photos and how-to directions. It's quite the fun place to visit! They have a wonderful cutting table that I might have to do someday.

That's how far we got on our Saturday organizing extravaganza! Thanks for coming along with me. I have another corner of my sewing room ready to show you...that will come up next. It's my cutting table before and after photos. The before photo should make you smile! I'll share that with you soon. Till then, keep stitchin!



  1. I love love love your sewing room reveal!!! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. HUGS... and stitches

  2. Your room was gorgeous - as are you. Thank you so much for sharing.