Sunday, April 14, 2013

Springtime and our Sewing Circle

We had several nice spring days here in Virginia, but you had to look close or you would have missed it! I saw these gorgeous trees blooming on a Wednesday morning, we took the pictures on Thursday, and today (Sunday) they are already losing their beautiful blossoms. There are 6 of them planted along the Lowe's parking lot. I'm thinking they are cherry blossom trees. Aren't they gorgeous!

And then I spotted three purple redbud trees near the CVS drugstore...aren't they gorgeous, too?! I think these will stay around a little longer than 4 or 5 days...I hope so anyway!

Our Little Women met and we showed our "T is for Temperance" Quilts.  It was a small enough project and we had quite a few make this one up. I even got mine hand quilted! That's Linda, above--love her color combination, and camera shy Ann below-who upsized her quilt. She is trying to move some of her stash this year.

Vickie and Celeste both made their quilts using purple fabrics. Very nice, ladies!

Joy made hers in blue (above) and here's our great group shot, below.

Fannie finished piecing her churn dash---nicely done in pinks and browns.  Great job, ladies.

till next time, keep stitchin!

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  1. Very beautiful pictures. (trees and quilts) I can't wait for spring to actually start showing up, here in Michigan.