Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Rudy Day

What is Rudy Day you may ask? Well, if you are a Christmas lover like I am, you try to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year. Over at the organized Christmas website, you can join the fun every 25th day of the month, celebrate a little Christmas, and do a little something to make this Christmas not so stressful. Here's the link, go check it out:

I cannot resist showing you a few of my Christmas quilts. My special Rudy Day assignment:  I tweaked my Christmas budget from last year, ordered online from (fabulous china, silver and glassware site) some wonderful Christmas salad plates for someone in my family who will remain anonymous, and worked on a Christmas quilt that will be a gift. I'll show you the quilt eventually, it's not ready to be revealed yet. And, coincidently, today I received a wonderful CD with 11 lessons on making Christmas Cards from Scrapbooking is definitely one of my weaknesses! The cards are very fun and the CD is definitely inspirational!

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