Monday, February 20, 2012

Small Quilt Lover

Yes, it's true...I'm a small quilt lover. I like them for many reasons. You can try out a new color scheme without a major commitment in time and money. You can try out a new pattern to make sure you have the technique right. You can duplicate something you saw elsewhere just for the fun of it...and you can pull out a color from your dishes and build a color scheme. This is my "Lizzie's Little Quilt" with my Liberty Blue dishes.
Here are a few other small quilts I've made.
 Courthouse Steps a Jo Morton pattern
 Penny Lane in one of my favorite color combinations--red, white and blue.
 Patriotic Strippy Quilt, another Jo Morton pattern
And Charming Coins on the front door. I believe this is a Kathleen Tracy pattern. Her stuff is wonderful. Check her out at


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  2. This year I decided to make more "Little Quilts" for many of the same reasons you listed, and I'm LOVING them!!!!!
    BTW you have some real beauties there!!!!!!

  3. So do I! I love making small quilts with my not so confortable colors and other odd things to me. Yours are beautiful!!